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Valentine’s Heart Arrows with Silhouette Cut File

I recently acquired my new favorite toy, a Silhouette Portrait, and I have been going crazy using it to cut vinyl for Christmas gifts, car decals, gift tags, and more!  Making heart arrows for Valentine’s Day is nothing new, but I created a FREE Silhouette Cut file to make the job easier!  

You Will Need
Colored Cardstock Paper
Pixy Stix, Pencils, or Glow Sticks
This FREE Silhouette Cut File

You can use these ideas and just cut them manually, but I am horrible at making nice clean cuts, which is why I love my Silhouette.   The file I created for you to make these has 4 sets of heart pieces to one 8.5×11 piece of paper.

Heart Arrow Silhouette Project

I used red cardstock paper, with my blade at a 4, and set to Double Cut.  I like using Double Cut on cardstock because I find it doesn’t always come away cleanly if not.  It could just be the paper I’m using, though. 

After you manually or use your Silhouette to cut out the pieces, assemble them together!  I just used a tiny piece of tape to adhere the arrow heart tip to the end.  The other pieces have precut slits for feeding the item in.

Heart Arrow Silhouette Project

My handwriting isn’t the best, but add a little saying to the heart and there you go!  Easy homemade Valentine’s for your child’s friends!

Here is a list of cute Valentine’s quotes for use with pencils, glow sticks, and Pixy Stix.

You’re the WRITE one!
You’re so SHARP!
You’re the WRITE stuff!

Glow Sticks
You make me GLOW!
You LIGHT UP my life!
You LIGHT UP my day!
You make the world GLOW!

Pixy Stix
___ PIX you!


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Heart Arrow Silhouette Project



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