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Visit the Cincinnati Museum Center



A few weeks ago my family the opportunity to explore the Cincinnati Museum Center .  We spent time in the Museum of Natural History & Science, Duke Energy Children’s Museum and ended our day in the Cincinnati History Museum. All of these our housed within Cincinnati’s Union Terminal which was one of the last great train stations built. union-terminal 700x254

At the Museum of Natural History and Science we saw a Polar Bear up close and personal. We were able to touch Polar Bear fur and learned quite a few facts about him while marveling at how large he was!  


Next we met a live snake! I had no idea we would meet a live animal in the Museum but there he was and we were able to touch him. I had no intention of it but the kids were doing it and encouraged me to. I couldn’t let them see how badly I didn’t want to. So I did!  Yay, Me!!

 Museum of Natural History and Science

They have a replica of a Limestone Cave for you to explore! At 500 feet it covers two levels. They have a beginner trail and an advanced trail.  We chose the advanced trail and set off into a dimly lit cave. It was cool and wet and felt real. The trail included a waterfall, an underground stream and a bat chamber.

 Both boys were amazed to see the Egyptian Mummy. This is the Mummy of a young boy and our 7 year old was very interested in him and what his life may have been like. 

Museum of Natural History and Science

Dinosaurs are a hot topic at our house and we were excited to find the Dinosaur Gallery and the Ice Age Glacier.  We loved the way facts were presented in a way easy for kids to grasp.


Museum of Natural History and Science

Museum of Natural History and Science


After a quick lunch we headed over to the Duke Energy Children’s Museum. We have explored here many times before and always have fun! Somehow I didn’t take many photos of our time here on this visit but don’t worry I have photos from a prior visit to share with you so you can see how great it is. 

Our first stop is always the netted enclosure known as Energy Zone. It is filled with balls and machines to move balls in different ways.  There are easy machines and there are some that make you put your thinking cap on to get the right path or angle. The boys and their Daddy LOVE it!  They always make sure that Daddy gets balls dumped on his head at least a couple times during that part of our visit.  Daddy is a good sport and always acts surprised that it is happening. 

Duke Energy Children's Museum


Kids Town is another fun part of this Museum. It allows children the chance to explore a Kroger grocery, restaurant, post office and a veterinary clinic. They can be patrons or employees. 

You can’t miss The Woods! This area looks like you are actually in a forest and offers a great climbing area for kids. It includes rope bridges, hollow logs, and a climbing wall. This area also contains a fun treasure hunt! 

Duke Energy Children's MuseumOh my goodness my babies have grown! These next two photos are from a trip to the Children’s Museum three years ago!

Back CameraBack Camera


  By now we were pretty tired but wanted to check out the Cincinnati History Museum as well.  The huge model of the city and trains was amazing! It showed Cincinnati from 1900 through the 1940’s and included working trains and streetcars as well as city landmarks and buildings. If you have a train lover this is a can’t miss exhibit. 

 Cincinnati History Museum Cincinnati History Museum

Cincinnati History Museum


We also enjoyed seeing the Cincinnati Goes to War display. Our kids had lots of questions regarding the photos of the people in this display and the roles they served in war.   Cincinnati History Museum

After this display we were worn out! We had spent the entire day exploring the Cincinnati Museum Center and had so much fun but it was time for us to go. We will definitely be returning again. Each time we go our kids are a little older and their interests are evolving. It is so much fun for us as parents to watch them grow and  see how they understand and appreciate parts of the museum in different ways on each visit.  The Duke Energy Children’s Museum has proven to be our favorite Children’s Museum so far and we greatly enjoy our trip each time we visit! 



*The Cincinnati Museum Center also includes attractions that we did not see on this visit including an OMNIMAX Theater. 

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