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Dinosaurs are a hot subject at our house right now so of course we were up for a review copy of Walking with Dinosaurs, The Movie.   The story centers around a Pachyrhinosaurus called Patchy and an Alexornis antecedens bird called Alex. These two unlikely friends support and help one another throughout the film.  Patchi grows throughout the film from the tiny runt of the litter to the leader of the herd with Alex’ help.

Pachy and Alex


The movie begins in modern times with a Paleontologist taking his niece and nephew to explore a dig site where he has recently found the tooth of a Gorgosaurus. The boy is not interested and stays at the truck while Uncle and niece proceed to the dig site. In flies a crow who begins to tell the story…


 Patchi (voiced by Justin Long) is the littlest of his herd. The little guy is attacked by a predator early in the film which leaves a distinctive hole in his frill and helps him to be easily identified throughout. During their first migration, Patchi and his grouchy brother Scowler (Skyler Stone) get separated from their herd and fall in with another which happens to contain the lovely Juniper (Tiya Sircar). 

Juniper Walking with Dinosaurs


My boys were saddened when Patchi and Scowlers parents were killed in the film.  And they were both mad when years later Scowler makes a bad decision as leader of the herd and leads everyone into danger then exiles Patchi for helping the herd. 

It’s at this point that our hero, Patchi, must decide if he will live up to his potential or give up and die himself. His friend Alex (John Leguizamo) reminds him that his parents died protecting those they loved and that if he dies he is leaving behind the ones he loves without protection. 

Walking with Dinosaurs

In the end Patchi and Juniper are a happy family and Patchi is the strong leader of the herd. It’s a sweet story of the little guy with a big heart working hard to accomplish his dreams. 

Walking with Dinosaurs the Movie is a film that my sons very much enjoy and have watched over and over recently. They loved being introduced to new dinosaurs rather then the same old T-Rex and Triceratops we were introduced to the Alexornis, Pachyrhinosaurus, Gorgosaurus, Troodon and many more.  Like all Dinosaur movies there is some death and a little bit of gore know that going in and you will be fine.  If you have a Dino lover at your house this is one you can’t miss!


We have some fun coloring pages for your Dinosaur Lovers too!  Just click on the links of the ones you like to full size and print!

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Patchi Coloring Page




                                Patchi (print)





                 Walking with Dinosaurs Coloring Page Alexornis (print)









  Walking with Dinosaurs Coloring Page               Gorgosaurus (print)






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