Win 4 tickets to MYTHBUSTERS© Behind the Myths Tour

We are huge science fans in this household. My kiddo has been watching Mythbusters since he was little, and he’s now a huge science nut.  We are so excited to have the Mythbusters in town!

Win a Family 4 Pack of Tickets to

MYTHBUSTERS©-Behind the Myths Tour

Tuesday, November 25, 7:30pm

The Kentucky Center, 501 West Main Street

 Win Mythbusters Behind the Scenes Tour Tickets

Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, co-hosts of the Emmy-nominated Discovery Channel series MYTHBUSTERS®, promise audiences a brand-new adventure! Prepare for a night of behind-the-scenes stories, onstage experiments, audience participation, and rockin’ video. For the first time ever, audiences across America will join Adam and Jamie onstage to take part in their mind-twisting approach to science.

The content of this family-friendly show is appropriate for all ages. However, parents should only bring young children if they are able to sit through a two-hour theatrical show without disrupting others.

©2011 Discover Communications, LLC. Mythbusters® and logo are trademarks owned by Discovery Communications, LLC, used under license.

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  • I found the episode where they were throwing drinks at windshields of car to be an interesting one! Also liked when they were testing hanging from a helicopter rail

  • Have so many favorites! #1 fave-Fireworks Man a man attaching 400 rockets to himself and flying 150 feet off a ramp before landing safely in a lake.
    #2-The Duct tape island, where they had to put something together using duct tape that could make it in the ocean to escape the island that wouldnt sink!
    #3 Also like the one where they wanted to see if a giant lego ball could be rolled down hill and crush a car. Me and my hubby and 2 boys love myth busters and live in kentucky and would love to win tickets! Thanks for the chance!

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